Convert a mesh to one surface

How can I convert this mesh to one surface? I tried the methods for extracting the faces and then making a surface but it makes multi-faces and I just need One Surface.

Thank you all

multi-faces to one (47.4 KB)

there aren’t any general inbuilt solutions to this type of problem in rhino. Since this shape is quite simple the best option would be to remodel the form as a single surface (hint - try creating a section curve and us the revolve command). I have provided an approximate quick fix solution.

this creates a patch surface using the mesh naked edge curves and internal points. As you can see the surface deviates from the mesh. multi-faces to one (53.6 KB)

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multi-faces to one (57.6 KB)
using revolve:


You can also make a single surface using Network Surface. (59.8 KB)


Thank you very much

That’s a good solution. Thanks.

It helped very much. Thanks for specifying each part of the definition. I just didn’t understand why you used a mirror curve for Revolve?

I’m glad it helped.

Otherwise the final trimmed surface will be made of two pieces. Revolved surfaces (such as a sphere) always have a seam. Mirror makes sure the seam is on the other side

I got it. Thanks.