Convert a file for 3dsmax


Hi. We have been asked to quote on a project and have been given a 3dm file. I understand this could be a Rhino 3D file. Would any kind soul be able to convert it into a file I can open and review in 3dsmax and see what I am dealing with? The file is around 4.5MB.


If no one else has already responded, you can send it to me via the PM function on this forum, I can convert it to an .obj (Rhino does not save files in .max format). You could also simply download the latest eval version of Rhino which will run for 90 days and allow you to open and save files in any format it can during that time. After 90 days it will continue to run indefinitely as a file viewer - you just can no longer save.

HTH, --Mitch


Thanks Mitch - I will try and send it to you now.