Convert 3dm to obj


I received a 3dm file from my orthodontist. It is a 3D scan of my teeth and gums. I cannot get it to open with Rhino. Is there anyone who would be willing to try and convert this file for me? I would like to get an OBJ. Please email me if you can help.

Thank you,

you can send me a personal message if you want i´ll convert that for you.

generally for everybody to see and know, there is a dental 3d scanner which produces the same file extension as rhino just be aware that this can not be opened by rhino.

Bummer. Is that just a file header thing? Can this be hacked somehow? Where would you look next to try to convert this file?

Thanks again.

hi i actually had written you a pm but i post this here again maybe its also interesting for whoever encounters this.

Thank you so much for doing all the leg work there. I was a bit lost. I appreciate all your time and effort. I will contact my orthodontist and see if they would be willing to provide the stl format.