Conversion between gravity and mass

Hi, maybe this is a stupid question.

The total weight of my model that I calculated by hand is 44.73[kN] = 4473[kg]
The Mass output of the Assemble component says 4473[kg], which matches my hand calculation. But the Gravity output of the Analyze component says 447.3 [kN], which is a mystery for me.
So I’m guessing I’m misunderstanding something about the gravity output of the Analyze component.
Please somebody help!


Hi @mikity_kogekoge, which version of Karamba3D are you using as the results should be as per your calculation. Can you please share your definition?

here you go.

Karama (73.5 KB)
Karamba example.3dm (34.6 KB)

Hi, you have applied a multiplier for the force of gravity. Your gravity multiplier is 10, and therefore your reaction forces are 10x larger.

Oh, sorry that I did not reply earlier. Thank you. I completely forgot that I was setting the multiplier to 10.