Converging FilletEdge

In the attached file, I would like to fillet the four long edges to 0.05".

On the far side the edges fillet fine.

The problem on the other is that the edges converge. Even if I set the radii at the point to zero, I am unable to get a fillet.

I only need the edge to be 0.05 until it reaches the line where the fact starts to taper.

How I might I get this to filletedge?

Problem78.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hi Jim - that one edge - I don’t now how to describe it, it’s this one:

has a varying angle between the faces there and they are not consistently increasing or decreasing, they wobble a bit - my guess is this is one reason the fillet is tricky there - the faces become almost tangent and then diverge again. It looks to me like you’ll need to hand build the end of that fillet.

@bigjimslade, Also, your file tolerance is .01, much to fat for an object that requires .05 fillets… This should have been built at .001 at most, I would say.

Problem78_PG.3dm (622.8 KB)



Problem79.3dm (1.0 MB)
Here’s one where I think I have straightened out the curves (which were originally created in another program).

I still get the same problem.

I did not reset the tolerance in either of the files that I copied this part to for uploading. I am using 0.00001. There’s a lot of really small stuff that goes on this part (not shown here).

Yeah the problem is the same, really - the angle between the faces changes to become negative, so to speak, near the tip.

Normal lines along the edge - see how they cross? swap sides?: