Convenient collection of Naked Edge Indices info

I want to collect topology info for naked edges, and I want this “organized” per naked edge. With this I mean like (imagine a new curve type): “PolyEdgeLine” defined as follows:

    TopologyEdge Index (TEI)
    TopologyEdges.TopologyVerticesIndex (TETVI) // same as IndexPair info

Put together I want all the index info about an edge in the same order as the edges occur in a regular (NakedEdge) Polyline[], like so:

struct PolyEdgeIndices
    int TE_I;  // Topology Edge Index
    int TETV_I; // First Topology Edge (Topology) Vertex Index
    int TETV_J; // other end

// "Poly Edge Line"
PolyEdgeIndices[] NakedEdgeIndicesInfo;

The above info can be easily retrieved for individual edges by traversing the MeshTopologyEdgeList , but it takes some computation to piece together the naked edge segments to form a continuous “PolyEdgeLine”, so to speak.

Is there any convenient way to gather all this Edge info in this ordered way, or do I have to piece together the segments (and its index info) myself?

I’m aware of the mesh.GetNakedEdges() command, but the result type (Polyline[]) doesn’t give me any of the indices I want as in a ordered, connected, “PolyEdgeLine” way (with the index of the edge and indices of it’s vertices).

I need this (index) info for (multiple cases) of of edge analysis, which is why I want it in “compacted” form to simplify my code.

// Rolf

Is it any reward (worth the name) for a real-time solution on that? For instance:

I actually just got it sorted. Recursively piecing the edges together in the right order & edge loop direction. Don’t know how to reward myself though, so any suggestions welcome. :wink:

// Rolf

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