Controlling wall joints


I would like to know wether it is possible to preset a Wall Joint type? Or wether there is a Grasshopper-function to change this Joint type, like you can insert a certain Alignement in the Wall Option-function when creating a new wall?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Christophe, it is not possible to preset the wall joint types.This joint type is calculated automatically depending on the styles of the walls and the position where they intersect.
When two walls of the same style meet at their ends, the joint type is set to “Mitter”. When these walls are not the same style the joint is set to “Butt”. When two walls don’t meet at their ends, then the joint is set to “Butt” as well.
You can change these joints afterwards from the properties panel, but this option is not available in Grasshopper.

thanks for the usefull information


Is it still not possible to control wall join types in GH?


Hi Dan, it is not. One of the reasons is that wall joints are not calculated in Grasshopper. Only when you bake the walls, the intersection is done.


Thanks for the reply.


@fsalla, When selecting either 1 or 2 baked walls in Rhino, I do not see Wall joint in Rhino properties dialog
Is this control feature still available in VA2.10 ?

Hi Kevin,
The intersection of these walls might not be detected properly for X reasons, and that’s why the Wall join icon is not available (remember that you need to select both walls in Rhino to edit the join).
If you send me the file I can take a look (

File sent in PM
Will look forward to have your input!
Maybe I simply don’t see it in the UI?

Hi Kevin,
Got your file! the wall joins can only be edited in Rhino (not in GH, where wall intersections are not calculated).

ah… ok. To repeat, so that I understand:
My initial walls were made in GH. Joints were calculated when baked to Rhino; this process also bakes the joint configuration therefore, the joint cannot be edited in Rhino.

In addition, I tested this with walls drawn in Rhino and see that all walls included in the joint must be selected to edit that joint.

Thank you!