Controlling the distance between panels

I am attempting to find an easy way to control the distance between panels using this script.

A controls the distance between the panels and B controls the size of the panels. Here i am interested in how to control A by indicating at which distance the panels will be from each other. The size X indicates their seperation on the x axis and the size y on the Y axis.

Say if i wanted the panels to be 1000mm away from each other in both directions, how could i do that by simply writing down 1000 and have the Sixe X and size Y automate to match that. I would probably have to input an equation beforehand. Any ideas? I hope this makes sense.

This is roughly how it would look like with the panels being 1000 mm away from each other (i Eyed it).

Control distance between (3.5 KB)

Like this?

Control distance between (8.5 KB)

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Yep thats it! Thank you @HS_Kim :slight_smile: