Controlling surface values from external app/script


I am looking for the easiest way for controlling values of points (x,y,z) which create a surface. Ideally, I want to have a web application or Desktop application where I can change the points values, and the surface will change accordingly.
What is the easiest way to do so? Are there any plugins I can use?


Maybe using Rhinocompute with a python web app (e.g. flask or pyramid) ?

Thanks! Seems like I need to set up a server and stuff, which I am not familiar with. Any other options? If not I’ll try to

Humm… hard to say … what are you trying to do exactly ?

My goal is to provider a designed UI for “regular” people, where they can change the z parameter of each point, and then can see the surface changes accordingly. It is for an exhibition. I thought maybe there is just a file that I can change, or a serverless API so I can externally communicate with the software.

A grasshopper slider ?

Have no idea what this is! A plugin?