Controlling iterations in Kangaroo

Hello, first post.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to control the number of iterations Kangaroo performs. I want to point it at an array of meshes and do one at a time for 1000 iterations each, bake it out and go to the next.

I’ve looked through the forum posts and google But I’ve found no way to do it.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Using a Repeat component to do a true/false loop as input only resets the engine. It does not increment the iterations. Just alternates the reset.

  • The “sequence” component is promising but it seems to output a range of frames simultaneously. I only want the 1000th iteration not 1-1000.

I notice that the sequence component is just outputting a series of boolean values. One True followed a series of False. Is there a way to capture the 1000th false value only?

I also noticed that version 0.095 has a “Remote timer controller” feature. (I’m using version 0.096). What is this feature? Can it help?

Thanks for any help,

Hi @tour43151
The ‘Zombie’ solver option is I think what you are looking for.
Is there a reason you are using such an old version of Kangaroo?
I’d recommend using version 2, which is included in Rhino from versions 6 onwards.