Controling speed when using 'path animation' with Vray

I’m trying to figure out how to control the speed for the animation when using the ‘path animation’ tool. It seems that the rendered video is speeding up and going slower in certain parts of the animation. How could I make the rendered animation go in the same speed all the way or at least control when and why the animation changes speed?

@marika_almgren. Can you give Mikkel some advice?

With the simple animation tools inside Rhino you’re not able to control the speed of the camera. If you want to be able to control the speed you need to get Bongo.

Hi Mikkel,

What I found, is that when you rebuild the curves for the animation, their parameterization will be more normalized, as will your animation speed!

Use the Command _Rebuild for rebuilding the curves and use a high point count to make sure there is not much deviation from your original cuve.



I control the speed of the camera by rebuilding the curve in Grasshopper. I divide the existing curve very dense where I want it to go slow and sparsely where I want it to go fast. Then I use the points to build a new nurbs curve.