Control Twisted Box Subdivision (Pufferfish)


I am currently trying to partially subdivide certain Twisted Boxes in z-direction.
My initial approach was to use the Subdivide Twisted Box - Component from Pufferfish.
Unfortunately, the component only recursively subdivides the twisted boxes in each direction.

Is there another way of only subdividing the box into one or two directions?

Thank you in advance!

Subdivide Twisted (9.8 KB)

Like this?

Subdivide Twisted (9.3 KB)

Exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you @HS_Kim!

Just recognized that this approach would work perfectly for rectangular boxes.
However, when I try to apply this to “uneven boxes”, this method doesn’t work.
Therefore, I am trying to find out a method, that works similar to the subdivision component in Pufferfish but with more control about how to split in each direction…

Subdivide Twisted (9.2 KB)

In that case, how about using Box Morph?

Subdivide Twisted (12.3 KB)

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Yes definitely now the right one!
Thank you for the help :slight_smile: