Control points

There are control points from all sides, except from the bottom, such as revit. Why?

Hi Jon,
We haven’t considered to implement this feature so far, since this is not the most usual case.
But we can study it if you think it would be useful.
In your opinion, would this new vertical extension arrow move the wall base line, or keep it in the same place, as if you were extending the wall downwards?

keep it in the same place )
thanks Fsalla

What is the use of dragging an element downwards if it is snapped to a level?
Regards, Jaro

Very useful thing


one of Examples


please ,Do not forget this solution in VA3 :pleading_face: Reality is very important

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Hi @jon-vrin we have included this request in VisualARQ 2.8 version, that is already available for download.
The bottom control arrow in walls (and curtain walls) move the baseline position of these objects.


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can you add this to all objects ? From all directions like photo to be more free work

Hi @jon-vrin each object type works a bit differently and some of them (like the wardrobe) has been created from a Grasshopper definition. We will study how to implement this in each object type.

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