Control points soft selection



is it possible or is there a script to control for example patch surface points in soft selection mode?



try the SoftMove command


The role model for this should be MODO’s Falloffs. Linear, Cylinder, Radial, Brush and 6 or 7 other types. The Falloffs have control handles so you can manipulate them, reverse direction, alter intensity and so on.


or cageedit


Hi asdfsjal, Softmove command or cageedit are not useful in this case.
This is a more direct approach when you select one point it affects also the neighboring points like on the example picture. Thanks


Does anyone knows if this surface control points soft selection is even possible to script?

(Willem Derks) #7

Hi Violine,

I’m not sure why this has not been mentioned , but there is a command SoftEditSrf.

That should in part give the type of editing you are looking for.



Thanks Willem, it works.


is there any actual different between softeditsrf and softmove?


There is a difference, SoftEditSrf is quick to use, you don’t need to activate and select control points and other steps. It would be even faster with shift selection add points possibility, some colors and a dialog box that could practically, integrate this two in one powerful command. :wink: