Control points change while exporting to .DXF

Hi, I would like to ask for your help: my supplier of laser cutted parts is asking me to use as few control points as possible. I can’t figure out how to have the same points in DXF as in 3DM. Please advise :wink: thanks for your help!

Hello- I would set Curves to export as ‘Splines’ - whatever that is in German =) :


Thanks a lot Pascal, it works! Great, my supplier will be very happy.
I would like to ask you one more question:
Do you know, while exporting 2D for exact laser cutouts to dxf, is it fine if I do not worry about the Tesselations checkboxes and leave everything else unchecked?

Hello- I do not know if there is a universal answer- it probably depends on the target system but generally I believe these are fed by polylines and/or lines and arcs. There may well be systems that do their own conversion from splines to a more machine-like form (arcs and lines) but I do not know, myself.