Control Point weight

What might be reasons not to adjust the control point weigth?
Export to other software?
Or isn’t it problematic to adjust the weight?

I am curious and hope to hear more reasons.

Hi Gerard,

what I can say about our VSR algorithms: as soon as you start to have control points with weight, the equations e.g. for Surface Matching or Surface Blend become much more complex, and therefore they are more difficult to solve.

Another point against it is that the relation between control points and the shape of the geometry becomes less obvious/intuitive to the user.

Just my 2 cents.


Some downstream programs might not support weighted control points…? Not sure about that, but ISTR that in the past…


Hi Michael,

Thank you for explaining the relationship with VSR tools.

I agree with you that the shape is less predictable when weights are edited. Especially when someone opens a file later, it is not obvious that weights have changed and finding that out takes a lot of time.

Thank you!

Hi Mitch,

Yes that is what I also believe for some years now, but I have never heard of, or experienced a real case myself.