Control Point Curve -> Magnetic lasso

Hello Rhino 5 friends,

Being a newbie on Rhino 5, I have been having trouble with the control Point Curve, trying to select points on a certain 2D image, to extrude and give it a 3D visual aspect.
However, the control point curve is very difficult to follow and make it a perfect union between selected points.
Microsoft PowerPoint offers the ideal Magnetic Lasso which automatically creates the points based on the color of the image and makes it a perfect selection.
I’m sure Rhinoceros has a similar tool in its numerous options. However, I don’t seem to find it.

May you please lead me the right way in finding or choosing something similar to the Powerpoint Magnetic Lasso for Rhino 5?

Thank you for your assistance!

No, it hasn’t.

  • Use Potrace to trace the image and import the result.
  • Use one of several ways of doing that in Grasshopper - see one discussion here.
  • Ask @holo if he’s gotten any further with his Image Line Tracer plugin for Rhino. [Du har vel hatt masse tid til dette her nå, Jørgen? :wink:]

something similar was was suggested here also iiluatrator can do this. i believe there are some more free tools either