Contrasts of picture

Hello !! is there anyone who knows what can be the problem if the two pictures’ contrasts are different?

You’ve asked this previously and there’s too little information to know what you’re asking.

I thought there is an option in the tools bar to solve that.

Hi @user512
There’s nothing in your question that tells us anything about your problem! Are they from the same file, on the same computer, using the same model, using the same viewport mode, using the same viewing angle etc.? You need to give us something, if you want help. Just asking “why are they different” is not constructive.

Hello- from what I can see the top object ishas some form of reflection from an environment and on the lower one a different environment, an obscured one or differently oriented compared to the view.


Wonder if the top one isn’t obscuring light (hdri etc.) from the bottom one assuming same scene.