Contoursurfaces and box morph don't display properly in ShapeDiver


I tried to use box morph to orientate a modules and i shows correctly in grasshopper but not in shapediver model, you can see as below:

And the contour planes has not been displayed in shapedvier model but show in my grasshopper model as below:


shapediver model: (321.2 KB)

Anyone knows the issues here?

Thank you!

I had a look at your definition but it is big and the issue is hard to track. It is very likely a classic case of assuming the order of lists produced by explode/shattering components, maybe assuming the orientation of planes during projection. This type of components produces different results depending on rhino versions or different laptops. It is good practice to always sanitize the outputs before using them for other operations.
If you manage to reproduce the issue in a minimal definition i might be able to help.

Hi Mathieu,

Please find the attached gh file. (58.9 KB)

Thank you for your help!

It would take me a while to get a working version of this file, especially because I am not aware of what is hardcoded and what is parametric in the minimal version. But I can assure you that the issues come from deconstructing Breps (you are using a script but you could replace it by a Deconstruct Brep component) and then assuming that the orientation plane of the brep faces is unique. You might get different planes (different origin, normal flipped) on different configurations. And unfortunately, two planes that look identical but have different origins and/or normals will give completely different results when using the Box Morph component.