Contour Through Point Cloud


I’m trying to get contour lines through a point cloud, which sort of works, but the resultant contours are very jagged as it appears to be only selecting points exactly on the contour’s ‘plane’.

Is there an option to set a ‘tolerance’ so that it selects all points within a certain distance from the exact contour plane?

Hope that makes sense?


Hi Andrew- the PointCloudSection dialog has a ‘Maximum distance to plane’ setting which should help here.

Any luck?


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the speedy reply!

I just tried this command but get some strange results (probably user error) - lots of sort of loop curves rather than just following the points as if through a section plane.

Hi Andrew- can you post or send me a file?



Uploading… I think I’m getting the hang of it!

Would be nice to have an automated version like Contour that just slices it up to a given interval, but with some more tolerance controls though.

Hi Andrew - for now, try: make an array of lines and snap the sections to them as a workaround.


Will do - thanks for the help!

I am attempting to do the something similar. I wish to generate contour lines from a set of point cloud data of a bumpy vertical wall. My goal is to see how flat the wall is.

I took a look at the command “PointCloudSection”, but am not sure the complete sequence., Would someone please tell the general workflow or steps.

Thank you

Hi George - the trick is setting the max distance to the cutting plane - the command lets you define a plane and it sucks any points that are within that minimum distance to the plane and drives a curve or polyline through them.