Contour Split Surface Edge Order Issue

Hello All,

I have been using contour to split a surface into 2m pieces. The problem I have is that once I deconstruct brep, the enumeration of the edges is different for the faces on both ends as highlighted in this screenshot:

I would like all the surface edges to be ordered consistently, how can I achieve this?

Here is the GH file:
split with (16.6 KB)

Thank you in advance.


I think something like this might be a more preferable approach.

split without (13.7 KB)


This approach works for me, thank you so much! Just one question, I wonder why you added the Round component, as I need exactly 2m distanced divisions connecting the Division component directly to Divide Domain works better for me.

I’ve added the Round component to get an integer count for the U-input of the Divide component.

Exactly 2 isn’t possible because your surface is just shy of 56 units long, namely 55.880942 units.

To get 2 unit long divisions you need to make the surface exactly 56 units long, or any other length divisible by 2.
With contour your divisions would be all 2 units long, expect the last which would be shorter.
Here the divisions all have equal length.

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That makes sense, thank you again!

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