Contour problem

I was expecting 8 curve after I contour a curve, but i ended up with 18, Why is that happening


Update: Known Bug Right Now

Looking here it seems your Union operation didn’t go through so you are ending up with 2 branches of contours here. Likely this is why.

There has been a duplicate curve bug in Contour for several weeks:

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I don’t see it that way. The wire on the ‘Shape’ input of Contour is not doubled, meaning only one item, so SUnion likely succeeded. Contour always generates a branch for each contour plane because they might have two or more intersections, depending on the shape. (8.4 KB)

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I confirm that you are correct.

I even tried it on just one box without joining the forms and sit ends up with a double curves so I don’t think the problem is with SUnion.

As Joseph said . It is a known bug. Solved in this release

Thanks for the update everyone, I will get the new version.