Contour Command - Can't get concentric around 3D geometry

Hey Guys

The other day I was able to get Contour to give me concentric lines around a Lofted/Sweep piece of geometry.

Today I tried redoing the same thing with new specs from client, and it’s only giving me horizontal lines across the top.

File attached showing Contours the way I’d like them to be (concentric) and what it’s actually giving me. I’m assuming it’s the the way I make the geometry, but I’ve tried Loft, Sweep1 and Sweep2. All the same result it seems…

Thanksdig pit for Rhino Community.3dm (10.2 MB)

Hi Alan - the contours are from intersecting parallel planes with your target objects , so you should start in a side view. Does that work?


Thanks, @pascal, yes it did.