Continuous weave pattern with multiple layers

Hi everyone,

I’m very interested in understanding how a pattern like this was generated using grasshopper:

orbicular light shade

It looks like the kind of beautiful work that nervous system do but I didn’t see this particular design there. Here is another example of a 3d print the looks to use a similar modeling method Double star lamp

It appears they are using a voroni/de launy or similar pattern as the texture within the form. I’m trying to figure out the multiple weaving pattern form, I’m trying anemone and weave plugins in grasshopper but not having much luck, I’d appreciate any links to similar scripts, insights or ideas you have on how to script this, including using any grasshopper plugins!

Hi Arthur,

This is from Bathsheba Grossman's Page - Grasshopper, Bathsheba Sculpture - Quintrino

It is basically a soccer ball, you keep just the pentagon, trash the hexagons, and link together one of the vertex of each pentagon bordering the deleted hexagon on the center of the hexagon.

When you make the shape for one vertex it is radial symmetry, three vertexes from three pentagon; then you orient on each pentagon.

It should be possible with subd, at the time most likely it was made with tspline

I hope it helped


I have just finished this exercise!

The thing which helped me figure out a neat way of doing it was looking at this page and you’ll find a similar example with some mathematica code attached Math Artwork. I noticed it included what looked to be a point list, so I generated the same list in GH and it clicked!

I then found it was simpler to think about it in terms of pentagons and triangles & using an icosahedron as the base shape. There is a pentagon over each vertex and a triangle at the center of each face.

Remeshing and dendro for the final mesh form ant the rendered image done in luxcore for blender.

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