Continuous notification

every time i log on from my phone or whatever i get a notification via email that ive logged in from a new device…

I’m so over it - how can this be prevented from happening?


Hi rabbit,

This happens because we aren’t able to save any information on your device to note down that you’ve logged in from it before. This happens if you use Private/Incognito browsing, or if you disable local storage completely on your device for websites.

I hope this helps.

  • AJ


I understand this, but what I dont understand is why you bother?
Who cares what device anyone logs in from? - Its not like you are an online bank or the cia or something (are you…?)

It seems to me just because you can (imperfectly) track devices people log in from, doesn’t mean you should…
What added value for you customers / clients / users does it add - in my case its just an annoyance…


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Hi Rabbit,

It’s an interesting problem - the tradeoffs between security and privacy. In this case, we want you to know when your account is used in different places. Today, it really doesn’t matter - having someone login and pretend to be you on Discoruse isn’t a big deal.

But as we add more connectivity between Rhino and online resources, we think security does matter. For example, one thing we’re adding to Rhino 6 is the ability to add your license to your Rhino account, and access it from any Rhino anywhere in the world. More, you can create a team of users and a group of licenses, and manage those from your Rhino account.

It seems that once we’re letting people store things that are associated with real money - in this case, Rhino licenses - we should help alert them to any potential security problems with their account. That’s why we track logins and do these alerts.

It’s imperfect, and it’s still in progress. But we think that for most people what we’re doing is better than not doing it at all.