Continuous mesh structures from curves

Hi All,

I am trying to implement (preferably c#) a script for a continuous mesh structures along the curves (Lines) with common intersection points.

How do we make a continuous mesh surface, especially at the intersections. I tried booleanUnion but it didn’t help. I guess it would work if I create spheres at each intersection then apply the booleanUnion, it still wouldn’t look continuous also it would be extremely slow considering I have a huge number of such connections in the model.

Another idea is to define multiple points along the lines and around intersections and trying to encapsulate these with a mesh. I am not sure if it would work.

I am reaching out to know if there is any existing solution for this issue. I am open for any suggestions and ideas.


You could try the ‘fattener’ component from here:

For structures like the one you show this should work fine: (8.2 KB) (you’ll need to first install the .gha from the link above)

In Rhino 7 there is also the ‘MultiPipe’ command, which can handle more complex geometries, and will at some future point also become a grasshopper component.