Continuous Line with Map Graph


I am working on a figure that is based on a map graph. The problem is that I am trying to make the curve on the figure a continuos curve and that ends rounded. Does any one know how it may be done? I have been trying for a long while now, but a have not been able to complete my task.

This is the GH code!

FiguraBá (40.7 KB)

FiguraBá (41.8 KB)

Thanks Joseph! But I need that the half spheres on top to be proportional with the curve generated by the graph, like the photo I uploaded before!

I don’t understand - and I am done.

Does any body know how? I am quite a begginer in GH!

I see in your screen-shot blue lines sketched in near the top and the bottom .
? For the top , are you wanting the “arc” to be tangent to the Math Grapher ?

I do not understand what you want near the ‘bottom’ .
It looks like you sketched in something basically different in blue from the red GH geometry .

Yes, on the “top” and the “bottom” I need to have a tangent arc with the map grapher!

Why don’t you just draw the profile curve you want, like the white curve in my post, and revolve it as I did? Even a sketch of that curve would clarify your intent.

Perhaps something like this? But maybe simpler? Still only guessing about your intent because it hasn’t been stated clearly. Saying it must be done with a Graph Mapper without showing how is just misdirection.

FiguraBá (42.1 KB)

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Thank you Joseph!