Continuous curve on a surface

Hi, I have a surfaces curved. I would like to create a continuous curve on that folded surface where i cas regulate the density. What I achieve now is this:

I thought to use point on surface and after interpolate the data but the problem is that when it reaches the boundary of the surface it goes on the other side instead of the next one. To be more clear I achieve the left side of the image, I would like to make it work as the write image.

Reverse every other branch(row) of your point list data tree, then flatten the list, then interpolate the points.

I think it did not manage to make it work. I attach the file. (8.0 KB)
based.3dm (148.5 KB)

you didn’t reverse every other branch

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ok, what did you write in the mask of the split tree?

I see that if I interpolate the curves it also create horizontal line. It does not just interpolate on the curve.


Check these out, great resources for branching. (12.5 KB)