Continuous baseboard, chair rail, and crown moulding

Is there a way to create a va wall entity – either with VaWallStyles or VaAddSolids – which can be lengthened and the mouldings lengthen with it and cleanup at corners?

Hi @djhg,

The only way to do this for now is by creating modings and baseboards as beams with a custom profile. This way you would have them a separated element from walls but you could lengthen them with cleanup corners.

Is there a way without cleanup?

Hi @djhg,

Why would you need a way without a cleanup? I think creating a beam is the best way for now.

Hello @djhg! If you have only a baseboard with a rectangular cross-section you could have a layer that is the baseboard and then change the top offset by object so that the height matches that of the baseboard. This is easy to do if all your walls have a constant height, since you can select all and change the property on all. This would give you automatic clean up and the baseboard is lenghted with the respective wall. Yet, this doesn not work for non rectangular sections and you would still need to add a separate moulding if you have one.

Thanks Filipe, yes, I have used that technique for a singular rectangular moulding. The problem - which you recognize, I think - is that any other mouldings added after the first one begin beyond the first moulding’s thickness away from the wall surface, and so on; they float in front of the wall by succseivley larger amounts.

To answer Alfonso’s question above, Rectangular mouldings - sometimes used as place-holders before a final profile is chosen, in my process - clean-up isn’t as important a factor in thieir configurations, so I was thiking maybe some sort of AddSolid command might work.

All in all, (except for a single rectangular moulding) I don’t think I see a better system than the one-command operation of sweeping moulding section curves around the same lines used for the walls (faster than creating a number of beams, I think?) and node-editing the resulting solids if the walls change. (Or using history for swept mouldings - and maybe walls too - and moving the curves to change the walls and mouldings together. But I don’t how well that would work. History is tricky because it’s so easy to break, and I don’t offhand recall if walls-from-curves can be historied.)

I guess beams from curves might be a method, though I’ve never tried that