Continuity on surface


Typical G2 corner.3dm (1.9 MB)
HI Lagom, I picked up your file and looked at it. I built a G2 multi blend on the corners and got something different than what your lines show. I built those lines over and split them at the intersections. then used network surface on them each. Then rebuilt them to edit them easier. Got this. I sure doesnt look right. I am wondering if you could make a good corner with those curves? thanks ,Mark


Hi. I have been refining the meshes as @Lagom suggested.

I would like to know hot to get same amount of spans in each contiguous surface.
As you can see bellow the isocurves are totally different in these two surfaces.

Here is the file:
Lagom_continuity_2.3dm (94.6 KB)



If you open my file from higher up in this thread, you’ll see that I used degree 5, 7 and 9 surfaces; sometimes getting away with degree 5 in the U direction and 9 in the V direction, for example.


Thanks, I explored carefully your surface. I did the same and worked. The only thing I could not get (that you did) was not spans. I still have iso curves in U and V, but only 1. So still looks quite neat. Thanks!