Continue the simulation

Is it possible to continue a simulation after it has finished? That is to start a new simulation but using in the first generation as parent models those obtained from the first simulation, in order to improve the results of the first simulation.

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No. If you hit start, the first generation (generation 0) is always a random generation. If you wish to improve the result of a simulation, one way is to let it run longer. Of course, it also relates back to your design problem and the way you set it up.
On a different note, if you wish to run sequential simulations, one way is to treat the results of the first simulation as constants for the second simulation. For example, you run a simulation for a tower design, mainly for massing studies. You select one individual and then use that individual to run another simulation for facade studies.

If I understand correctly this approach is suitable if there are more problems in series. But how could I use it if I have a single problem and after a first simulation I realized that I have adopted an insufficient number of generations?

in your case, just run a fresh simulation with more generation count.

Ok thanks anyway, I was hoping there was a way to not start over.