Context menu (right-click) doesn´t act on actual item, but on previously marked item

The context menu (which comes up from a right-click) doesn´t act on the actual item, but on the previously marked item.

As an example, I´ll show the scenario from within the BlockManager command:

1.: item a is marked (selected):

2.: after right-clicking on the wanted item B and selecting “Delete Block Definition”, item A get´s deleted:

At least the highlighting of the right-clicked item irritates me, especially when it´s not the one which I will be acting on.

At best, the right-clicked item would have been marked “within the right-clicking”.

A silmilar bug has existed in the command context menu as well for a very long time. However, the occurrence is intermittent and I have no clue how to trigger the bug.

  1. Do a bunch of commands.
  2. RMB in blank window space and choose one of the previous commands that is NOT the very last command.

Intermittently, MacRhiino will not issue the command chosen, rather it will repeate the previous command.

I think this might be a bit different case:

In my case, the thing on which I will be acting on (item A vs. Item B), is the wrong one,

whereas in your case it´s the command to execute on the (then correct) thing.

@dan, or whom it belongs to:

Doesn´t this to be a problem?
Am I missing something?

Ulrich Maasmeier

Apologies on the delay in looking at this. It appears to be working as designed to me here although I do see your point. If a right click is performed directly over a non-selected block in the manager, perhaps this should change the currently selected block instance… is that what you were expecting?

In your screenshots, you have a lot of blocks which limits the open space in this area of the block manager but if you do right click in an empty area after a block is selected, you get the context menu for this selected block which allows for an action on it which could be convenient if you were expecting it.

I thought everyone would expect this: to act on the thing which was (right-) clicked.
Seems VERY logical to me.

And I´m not sure if this behaviour belongs just to the BlockManager, but everywhere?

After looking at what happens in Finder in this scenario I see you’re right. I filed this as Thanks!

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Oh, Thanks!

Good to know it was useful in the end … :smiley:

Shouldn´t the MR-2164 hint that this isn´t just a BlockManager issue?

Sorry that I´m so disturbing … :wink:

Can you provide the other workflows where this occurs?