Containers, some feedback

Fiddled with the new containers a bit, and discovered this new icons at the bottom which toggle the containers docked on the left or right screen border from ‘permanent’ to ‘autohide’ mode (or whatever you call it). Nice!

  • When undocking and again docking a container in autohide mode, the panels won’t show up again when clicking the their icons.

  • When clicking on the cogwheel icon in a container in autohide, and hovering over the popup menu, the container disappears. Not what you would expect.

  • You made those cogwheel icons bigger. Ain’t they a little bit too big now?
    Also, it looks funny when two of them appear side by side.
    How about ditching the cogwheels and put the menu on RMB-click on these new four dot grips?

  • When a toolbar is narrow, the 4 dots are obscured by the cogwheel.
    They appear again when making it wider. One more reason to get rid of the cogwheel.

  • When trying to dock a container, one has to hover over one of those tiny blue blocks first,
    just to get to see the the actual docking position, indicated as a blue line.
    Why not just show this docking position indicator immediately when hovering on a potential docking spot? Just like it was in R7, or many other programs with a configurable UI (e.g. Adobe or Affinity apps)

  • When I try to dock a container here
    it just disappears. Looks like this new autohide mode of the containers is still quite glitchy.

  • When using the windows feature ALT-Tab during a docking maneuver, the blue fields stay on top, and switching back to Rhino does not clear them again.

  • It’s not possible to resize the width of a vertical toolbar smaller than one icon,
    but for horizontal toolbars this is well possible. Would be better if there was a minimum height, too.


Hi Eugen - thanks for taking the time to make detailed comments

  • the docking targets are on the pile as things to tune up
  • thanks for pointing out the minimum height. Or lack of.
  • I am not quite sure where you are docking that makes a thing disappear - can you provide a wider view of what you are doing there?


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Today I can’t reproduce the disappearing, but the blue boxes show up in strange places. You are at it anyway…

Managed to create two Property panels, just by some lucky docking maneuver.

Is this intentionally?

Because I worked with user interfaces where exactly this was possible. Open as many propery panels as desired. Screenshot of Softimage XSI:

Notice the locking/recycle icons at the top. If a panel was locked, it would not reload when something else was selected. Idea is to make properties comparable side by side, or just have more controls at your fingertips.
I’m bringing this to your attention as this might be something to consider useful. If you don’t like the idea, no problem. XSI was a fully parametric animation app, and in this context, this made sense.

Also, in the process of redesigning/rewriting the UI, you are kind of re-inventing the wheel. That’s well and good, but try to avoid mistakes or shortcomings that other made decades ago already.
Make it better!