Containers on V8 Wip Don't Stick, they just disappear

Containers on V8 Wip Don’t Stick, they just disappear .
I have been waiting for this to be resolved before V8 comes out, it has not.

Also Render mode is still not as smooth as in V7. It is still choppy .

Is there a difference between The Latest V8 Wip and The Full V8 Download ?

Please Let Me Know.

Hello- - what are the steps to reproduce this? Note, if a toolbar is dragged out to float it, and then closed, that temporary container is not saved.


The use of a headless Mac Like the 2022 M1 Studio Max With a 32’ Samsun Main Monitor and Two additional small monitors.

In Rhino V8 Beta , when dragging a Container ( tool icon Window) to a 2nd or 3d monitor, it just Disappears.