Contact Boundary between Meshes


I need to find the contact boundary / boundaries between two mesh objects.
In the second screenshot below I marked the curve I want to automatically extract, if possible.

Basically, what I need is a concave hull of all points that are very close to both Meshes.

The only idea for an alogorithm I have so far, will generate points on the contact area between the meshes, but not a closed curve of the boundary.

I appreaciate any ideas and tips :slight_smile:

If the meshes actually cross, then you can use
Intersect > Physical > Mesh Mesh Intersection
to get the intersection curve.
If you want the overlap as a solid, then you can use
Intersect > Shape > Mesh Intersection

If they are only close or touching but not actually overlapping, you could apply a very small offset to one or both of the meshes first (using Weaverbird > Offset Mesh) so that they do.

That seems to work perfectly, thank you very much!

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