Construction Crv tool?

Anyone have a tool that creates Construction Crvs (vertical, horizontal, given angle) with a click in viewport โ€” particularly that wld work in all parallel viewports?

If anyone decides they want to make one ( :upside_down_face:), wld be grt to be able to choose from Universal or standard CPlane

Hello - Guides may help - AddGuide/RemoveGuide. Guides only show up when Rhino is in โ€˜get pointโ€™ mode, looking for a point.

If guides are the right thing, you might find this tool helpful - it adds three commands:

AddGuidesEx (shows all the line options)

GuideUtilities.rhp (18.5 KB)

Unblock the rhp file in Windows explorer, then drag and drop it onto Rhino.



Thanks so much, @pascal - will take a look to see if itโ€™s what Iโ€™m looking for. I think I still need something that creates the Crvs that I can keep in a Layer and interact with, see, etc for certain workflows.

Yeah, that is a little different - these are Illustrator style infinite lines.


Yeah, they def have their place, and I was happy to see them make it into the basic release - and these addโ€™l commands are def helpful.