Construction advice

I’m building a router table for casting. After I’ve created the basic table solid, I want to place a hole for an insert panel. I would like to be able to quickly dimension and place the opening off-center in the table. In sketchup, I use construction lines to make placement of any object accurate and aligned. Can someone advise me on how to do the same task in R??

Hi James- always best to post an example file with some info of what you would like to do… But, some things that may help-

the From, AlongLine, AlongParallel and Between one-shot object snaps



Sometimes it’s just as simple to make construction geometry in Rhino. They’re just real line or other curve objects. Either delete them once your construction is done, or keep them on a construction layer for future use.


Here’s typical task done in SU. Would you show me how you’d do it in Rhino

Only have a couple of minutes here, have to run…

Here is a very quick video


Thanks much Helvi! That was short and effective.