Constructing smaller lines for a structure

So, I’ve been attempting to construct a pavilion type footpath structure in grasshopper. And I’ve been trying to connect these points along this curve to form smaller curves - but have been struggling to do so. I have attached photos for reference.

I have drawn in blue, what I’ve been basically trying to do.
Help would be much appreciated (37.3 KB)

Something like that ?

bridge (1).gh (35.6 KB)

something exactly like that!
thank you so much

The first components are just here to split the list withe same number of points.
If Answer is good you will have a button to accept that as a solution !

Your objective isn’t clear to me? But here are a couple ideas: (45.5 KB)

P.S. The orange group divides the lofted surfaces, which offers various creative possibilities? (53.0 KB) (52.7 KB)

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There is a remarkable resemblance between your project and the Arganzuela Footbridge, a pedestrian bridge in Madrid, Spain.

P.S. (48.9 KB)

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