Construct Time problem

I use the component Construct Time to animate a watch but after testing it more than hour i see a difference between the real time and grasshopper time.
After 3 minutes the difference increased from 6 sec to 13 sec.

time (3.8 KB)

The timer does not guarantee an exact, or even an average delay between iterations. A timer object sets the duration between solutions, possibly delayed by the regular temporal vagaries of a multi-tasking operating system.

You must use some sort of correct baseline for your own time calculation, you cannot rely on the number of iterations.

For example you can connect your timer to a panel with the text “now”, which in turn feeds a time parameter. This will give you updates tied to the system clock.

Thank you David, i will try that

I used python to get separated h/m/s

import datetime
now =
a = now.hour
b = now.minute
c = now.second

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