Construct a Color in C#

I am retaking C# after a while and I haven’t had any problems using the constructors given by the Rhino.Common page, but now I want to code things with colours and for some reason, the constructor given by the Rhino.Common is not working… can anybody help me with this small issue?
I would really appreciate it <3 (3.4 KB)

Hi Bdessi
You need to import the namespace. using Rhino.Display (Must be Rhino7);

Hi, I am not sure that ColorRGBA works as an input to the CustomPreview Component.

I have a feeling what you want is actually this one

using System.Drawing.Color;

var color=System.Drawing.Color.FromARGB(255,0,0); //this is red

Small indeed. See attached. (10.5 KB)

Hey everybody!
I haven’t used the “using” space before.
you are the best forum!