Constrains add objects not working

Hey guys ,

i was playing arround with constrains,

and i just can’t add new objects to an existing sketch.
Also i saw that you should be abled t open the constrainsbar by holding ctrl key and then do a right click,
also that doesn’t work.
Does somebody know why?

Attached you can find my created part.
test.3dm (749.5 KB)

best regards

i was watching the video, Rhino WIP Constraints And Extrusions after that i tried to repeat , but there are some problems:

  • i cant open with ctrl right click the constrains menu
  • adding an object doesnt work
  • when like in the video i am giving the constrain horizontal i am not getting ask on which plane i would like to do that

is that a bug or do i have to change somethin in my configuration?

Constraints are not shipping with Rhino 8 so they’ve been removed from the right click menu, object properties, and app settings until the 8 releases and the next WIP starts shipping. This is so they don’t accidentally appear in the Rhino 8 documentation.

In what way?

Constraints are now associated with a sketch plane object so they no longer need to ask for a plane to determine which direction is horizontal.