Constraining Closed Crv to a point in grasshopper

Hello, I am new to grasshopper and I have been playing around trying to come up with a solution. I need to constrain a rectangle to a point on a circle. I am setting up an operation that will generate rings of each size thus the rectangle needs to be tied to the point that will also scale when the input changes. I hope that makes sense.

generated sweep2 rings.3dm (46.1 KB)

generating ring (12.4 KB)

Nothing about it makes sense to me. The Rhino file appears to be irrelevant? Why an offset circle instead of another circle of a different radius? Why are you moving the outer circle? Is the rectangle supposed to be the same width as the offset? Is it supposed to change width (or scale) to match the difference between the inner circle and the moved outer circle (as implied by “sweep2 operation”)?

Sorry, no, I don’t get it at all. Too many questions.

You have space why the components are very close?

generating ring (11.8 KB)


Thats it, thats what i was looking for. My appologies, I am rather new at grasshopper and im still figuring out the work flow. I am sure my terminology doesn’t help either.

Thank you again

Here is one way to go about what you want, I believe. After moving the offset circle, cast rays to intersect both circles. Those two points of intersection become the origin and x axis of the planes to sketch the rectangles on. Also the width of the rectangles… (13.5 KB)

I never would have come up with that! That is a really great way to go about it. Just goes to show there are many ways to do the same thing. Thank you for showing me this solution.

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