Constrain a move to Z axis in perspective view?

Now such a basic need I hesitate to even ask, donning steel helmet, but searching forum on this I find nothing.
try help, search on term ‘constrain to Z axis’ nothing found.

In perspective view I can click on text or object and move x or y direction, but try moving up or down , I can’t.
Is there a key or something to toggle and simply make the move up/down ? I wanted to move them down and hope they indicated a snap to the plane that the object they needed to be with, was on.

I saw my text blocks were not down where they should be so, as they are invisible in ortho view left or right or front or back (wish that wasnt so) , and top view is no good for moving down z , perspective is ideal, but they only go x or y !



Hi Steve, do you not like Gumball to move things?—- Mark
Might keep in mind where Cplane is. It could mess you up.

I cant seem to get on with gumball, tried it by dragging blue arrow but the mouse is then on the arrow and not on the corner of the text block so the snap lines wont work will they ? they didnt seem to for me.

For me the cursor is the active point, that latches onto snap lines etc. I havent read up on gumball much so maybe there are ways of it acting so. I rarely use it, and wish to understand it more. the other day I wanted to rotate about z axis, so clicked its appropriate quadrant and entered value but it went different to expected, so back to rotation tool, saying must read up on it !
never get time for such training , months behind on tasks as it is. like to learn though. massive video editing learning to do as well.
To see a vid of gumball doing this might be good.

what did we do before gumball for z axis moves ?



Gumball, Elevator mode move, or use the Right or Front viewport.

If I click on the corner of a text box having chosen move, elevetor posts said then ctrl click to start elevator, tried that didnt work.


Isn’t elevator a move command by itself? I’m not at the Rhino machine right now so can’t test what I’m saying. Do you have Rhino help open on your screen?

actually trying this click then ctrl click, if one is careful and it clicks on the previous spot it seems to work,
I would be happier with a constraint key though, as it didnt work earlier on due to click being a tad out.

I may be missing something but in perspective mode in V7 I can select an object or objects, hold down the Ctrl key and dragging is constrained to the vertical direction (parallel to the Z axis). The same way holding down the Shift key constrains dragging to parallel to the X or Y axis.

For a moment I thought you had it there, for V5 however…
that works if one is with arrow tool then selects an item. I had chosen move command, and needed to see it snap to lower down the item, then ctrl sees no constraint applied , it can go anywhere.

Thats it on V5, maybe V7 still allows ctrl to constrain with move command, or scale1D etc.


I checked and holding Ctrl key constrains dragging exactly the same in V5.

The Vertical=Yes option in the Move command constrains movement to direction vertical to the CPlane.

yes ctrl and dragging in V5 works, so for move command turn vertical on :slight_smile:
there are probably commands though where vertical isnt in the options.

I often wish to draw dimensions vertical whilst in perspective view ?

How is that done for example ?


Strictly, Shift temporarily toggles Ortho. i.e. if Ortho is off, shift constrains movement to the ortho directions (which need not be set just to 90 degrees), but if Ortho is on then shift allows free movement.

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By changing the CPlane for the perspective viewport, for example to World Right or World Front

According to Help for Dim:

Note : Dimensions always measure as though the object were projected to the current construction plane.


On the “Move” button, I use this for the right mouse button:
Tooltip: Move vertical
Command: ! _Move _Pause _Vertical

you can also use .xy filter

If you’re editing with a command like ‘Move Surface’ then check ‘Direction Constraint’ in its settings. This will get you to move a selection in one direction as opposed to a plane.