Consistent width of extrusion of curve

Hi I’ve been trying to extrude curves but since I’m extruding in x or y directions the width is variable. How do i ensure a consistent width?

mandvi.3dm (4.2 MB) (18.2 KB)

Use offsets, see this thread: Extrude contour lines normal on surface

Hi i tried using offset curve away from surface and it did not really work, am I using it wrong?


it did not really work

Can you be more specific?

The curves seem to be distorted instead of being offsetted at the specified distance. I’m sorry for the trouble.

mandvi.3dm (4.1 MB) (21.8 KB)

They are offset by the normal directions at their locations on the surface. This would more be an issue with the curvature of your surface.

I formed the surface by lofting the same curves i want to offset

Is this what you are after? (20.4 KB)

Yes! thank you, I think my version of rhino isnt compatible with the plugin.

You mean Putterfish? I have version 2.9 installed. You can download the most recent version from food4rhino.
What version of Rhino do you have installed? Putterfish should work for V4 to V6 and the WIP

I’ve got V5 SR8 the pufferfish page says i need SR12, I’ll have to upgrade the version I guess

Here is a version without using plugins: (23.3 KB)