Consistent surface wrap for packaging

Hi all, I’m trying to wrap this cracker in candy cane stripes (PNG) to test the scale of the stripes.

I’ve tried a variety of wrapping methods but the faces all come out in a muddled order?
Does anyone know of a better way to do this or have a trick to make the surfaces come out like the net?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Mike_Stevens , Can you post the 3dm? The texture map also appears to not be perfectly tilable which will be a factor too.

Ah sorry I thought I put it on, thank you for your comment Brian!

For context I need to test the scale of the stripes, the cracker is one of a few test objects I’m trying.

Cracker MIKE.3dm (3.1 MB)

Hi @Mike_Stevens ,

You’ll need to do a few things here to get the look I think you’re after. First, give this planar object a denser render mesh in the Render Mesh Settings section of the Properties panel like this…

Then you’ll need to use a Cylindrical mapping method in the Texture mapping settings for the object also in the Properties panel like below. I used the Front view to define the cylinder and then adjusted the UVs in the UVEditor to get the diagonal stripes.

The texture map wasn’t embedded in your 3dm file so I created the effect using a Checker Texture tiled more in one direction but only once in the other. This is a neat trick for stripes but you’ll need to move the UV island to one side of the UV space as shown.

I hope that helps.

Cracker MIKE_bj.3dm (608.2 KB)


Amazing, thank you so much Brian!

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