Consistant transformation results with variable input

We are using opennest in a situation where the client can add in options which results in extra inputs into the opennest component.
There seema no logic to the transforamtion id sequence, i.e when an optional component is added in, its does not become the highest new number in the transforamtion id sequence and all ids are jumbled and have to be reset.
Any ideas on fixing this so the transformation id remains locked to the same input geometry.?

Would you be able to post an example definition? I am not sure what problem you are describing and after some quick tests was not able to reproduce any issue.

That being said, OpenNest is a third-party plugin developed by @Petras_Vestartas and he might be able to help you better with the technical details.

Upload the grasshopper file to understand the issue.

Hi Petras. Any chance i can send the file directly to you?