Connection Problem line-surface in Rhino 6 with Karamba

Good Morning to everyone, I’m sorry for my not perfect english but I’ll try to explane as much as I can.
I’m trying to reproduce in Grasshoper a mixed engeenering structure of a concrete/stell bridge: it consist in a concrete loft on the top of 4 stell Beam. Along the intersection line beam/loft, they’ve to be connected, and the displacements of those are to be the same.
I’ve tried in various way, but I’m not be able to reproduce it right.
Can anyone help me please?
Thank you.

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I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I don’t have really a gh file that reproduce that case. I attach now a similar file where there is some beam steel and a surface on top of it, but this one move along Z also on the line of the beam, where I want to constrain it along the beam line.

Travi piastra (47.3 KB)

That file requires the Karamba plugin.

Any plugin requirements should be declared when asking questions.

ah ok sure… Sorry another time. I’m new to the forum and also with the program.
The file was at first created with Rhino 6 and Karamba Plugin about the geometrical form (only line and surface), and I don’t remember that then was applied the karamba plugin. Do I have to reproduce another file without it?

Give it some time, someone who has that plugin might help.

I can three models if you want the beam to analysis with the mesh you will need to assemble only 1 model. The beam needs to have nodal points at the same locations as the mesh to attach.

Good Morning Tim and thanks for your help. If you can help me with an example it will be perfect. So, I need to divide the beam lenght with a series of point and this point have to be the same that generate my mesh? Am I right?

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If can help someone, I found the solution using the “Brep Component” that requires to connect the common point as part of the mesh.