Connection Point for 3D Printed Pavillion

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how to program these joints which connect different bars in one point. I have attached some pictures showing the exact mesh.
The projects I am referring to are from Felix Raspall and Carlos Banon (different 3D printed pavillions).

I’m working on a diploma project and would highly appreciate any help on this!!

Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-11 um 10.12.59|690x359

Looks like Multipipe to me
@ 06:06

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There has been much discussion on this forum and the old forum about this type of node and it lies at the heart of plugins like Exoskeleton and Cytoskeleton and work done by David Stasiuk and @DanielPiker

I believe things have moved on a lot since then with @DanielPiker 's Multipipe tools.

One way of creating nodes was to take n points around the end of each “strut” and use these to create a “Convex Hull” then smooth this and extend the arms to make the nodes.

The amount of struts meeting at each node and the angles between them throw up lots of exceptions that don’t work so tweaking parameters like node thickness to find settings that work for all nodes in complex structures was problematic.

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Thanks both of you! Your answers did help me a lot. I will try everything and see what works best for the specific purpose!

Have a nice eve!