Connection analyzis

So we made this brep sculpture in grasshopper. What we want to do is analyze the connection between the pipes. So for example were the red pipe meets the white one the connection is shown. In this way we can project these connections on the 2D shapes (with colours or something else) so it will be easier to build the sculpture. Are there any references we can look into?

I think if you are using unroll to flatten your surfaces to make the cutting pattern then you can unroll curves with the surfaces.

I presume you are looking at having some alignment marks on the panels so when they are rolled up into your surfaces you would be able to line up the marks (that could also be identified with a tag?) during assembly?

From memory, one of the unroll components allows you to unroll curves with your surfaces.

Perhaps you could find the mid points of all the intersection curve sections and draw lines from these points along the surface towards the other end of the struts to create the alignment marks? Then unroll these lines with your surfaces.