Connecting two grids

I’m trying to connect two grids just in certain place while keeping the length of each curves as the same. The definition works on the simple grids that I created. For somehow it doesn’t work for what grids that I want to connect. I have no idea what is wrong…

Connecting Grids.3dm (728.9 KB)
Connecting (113.0 KB)

I will help if you can share what do you like to do with the grids, and what final result you are after.

Hi, thank you so much for your reply. I am trying to create different levels of grids that each two levels have several different plates connected. As my first image shows, it is a test version of two different levels of grids with two plates connected.(The length of each segments in the grid does not change, the two connecting plates should attract each other to the middle of the two grids.) It works when I try it on the regular grid. Once it move to the irregular grid that I created, the definition didn’t work.
The definition that I created is using Length(Line) from kangaroo to keep the length of each segment in the grids. Then using coincident to pull the two plates together.

Dealing with complex data structure such as grids can be hard to control, and if the rules are generic, they might not work in all cases. I know your intention is clear to you, but to help us understand what you are after, you need to share more details. Maybe a sketch of your final result, and the mechanism to control moving/overlapping grid points. Also do you expect overlapped grid points to form duplicate plates, or grids start to fuse into each other?